March 2019

After a successful exhibition, the photographs are put up for sale. There are three copies of each photograph. There are still some photos left, and they are all marked with the number of photos sold.

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May 4th 2018

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 March 3rd 2019

"It`s about pride; the women

who sacrificed their lives to

long working hours. A life

hidden downstairs or in the 

attic, not to be seen,

always a step ahead the

family´s stated needs.

All the touching stories about

strong women around the turn

of  the19th century, that have made an impact on me"

Welcome to my new 

art photo exhibition!

Andøya 13.-17.09.2019

Workshop "Portrettfoto"

arrangeres på Bleik, Andøya

i september.

Interessert? Ta kontakt på

Jeg sender deg informasjon

med program og priser!

Velkommen! :)